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Revolution Swell 2.0 BALANCE BOARD

Revolution Swell 2.0 BALANCE BOARD

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The Swell 2.0 balance board is designed to prepare you for the unstable conditions out there on the water. Use the extended roller in both heel-toe and left to right positions for 2 distinct ways to train your balance. MagSwitch adjustable stops on the base of the board change positions easily (without tools), and also can be removed to increase the challenge.



DuraSoft Traction | Comfortable Grip Surface.

– MagSwitch Stops | Adjustable Roller Stop System.

– Extended Roller | Heel-To-Toe and Side-To-Side Training.

– More Room | Our Largest Board.

– High Strength Design | Durable & Built to last.


Can I Use This On Carpet, or Hardwood?
Yes, both! We recommend beginners start on carpet.
Can I Use This With/Without Shoes?
Yes, both again! Our dura-soft traction is great either way. Comfortable and durable.
Is There A Weight limit?
The Swell is rated for 350 lbs.+ and built to last.

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