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WakeWell Valdosta and Valdosta Wake Compound partnered in 2023 to put on the first ever “Match-Up at the Well.” This was super sick, no conventional contest that allowed any age and any skill level to compete in a super fun wakeboard contestWhat made this contest so specialThe competition was special because it was fun and laid-back, it didn’t feel like a contest because everyone was just out there having fun. There was no contest pressure, it was just friends hanging out playing a huge wake game!  
We started the morning off with a time in God’s Word then moved into a unique format consisted of a set of 30 tricks and a time limit of 8 minutes for each team to have the cable to themselves. There were about six different 4-man teamsCompleting the trick list might seem like an easy task in the time limit… but there’s a catch, only two of your teammates can be on the water at a timeEach team had an advanced/pro rider as a captain who drew names to form the rest of the teamWith a couple of teammates having some experience, while another being a true beginner, teams were set to go.
The trick list was written on a large glass door for each rider to check off… whether a rider’s waving at the crowd, eating chips while riding, putting on and taking off an XXL shirt, or doing a complex trick off the features, the team would push each other to full send! 
With last year going better than we even imagined, we are stoked to being parenting again with VWC to put on “Match-Up at the Well 2024!” This year we will have more people, more WakeWell swag, and even more fun! So, join us for WakeWell Valdosta at VWC every Tuesday during the summer from 5:00-7:30 to have fun getting ready for the contest and living out our motto
“Love God, Love Others, Love Wake!” 


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January 22, 2024 — Levi Dills

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